Secret Foods That Trick Hunger

Considering the fact that the holidays are always a tricky time of the year, when all the cheer and festivities make you forget about your figure, many people end up gaining a little bit of weight after all the celebrations are over. For some, this is not such a big problem, however, if you indulge yourself in yummy feasting every holiday, you end up not even knowing when you lost your perfect figure. In order to prevent such desperate situations, there are a few tricks you can apply at the end of each holiday, in order to keep that silhouette of yours perfect.


Obviously, a very important aspect of keeping healthy and keeping your weight under control is working out. However, when you get back to your daily working routine and have to catch up on all the work piled up during the holidays, working out may not seem like the missing item on your agenda. Alas, a healthy diet is as important as a proper work out. Do not be tempted to cast away food altogether to compensate for how much you ate during the holidays. The trick is to kick off unhealthy eating habits and learn how to trick your hunger.


Tricking hunger is a fairly simple endeavor these days, when markets are bursting with healthy, nurturing food, food that is not made up of fat or proteins, which can easily deposit themselves in unwanted areas, such as your thighs and hips. If right about now you are imagining some sort of exotic foods that are difficult to come by and possibly expensive, it is time to stop fretting. These are fruitss and vegetables which can be found in every supermarket.


First of all, the most notorious food that will give you the sensation that you have eaten an entire elephant after only a few mouthfuls is cabbage. Cabbage has a very low level of calories, but provides a consistent amount of nourishing fibers, which ensure the necessary daily amount of proteins.


As far as fruit is concerned, apples are the best weapon in your fight against pounds, because of their rich fiber content, which quenches hunger and helps with your digestion. In order to prevent bloating and to ensure an easy digestion, it is recommended that you eat apples (or any kind of fruit, for that matter) at least one hour before a meal.


Another fruit beneficial in helping you lose weight is the fig, with its rich content of potassium, magnesium and calcium, making it the equivalent of a glass of milk. Oranges are not to be forgotten either, as they provide necessary vitamins for your immune system, while being one of the most nourishing fruits. Last but not least, a surprising item on this list is the nut. Nuts are very controversial in diets, because they have a very high level of proteins. However, they are also very rich in Omega 3, extinguishing the hunger sensation even after eating two nuts. The same holds true for peanuts and raw almonds.


With these in mind, you will never have to go hungry in order to lose weight.


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